Vineyard Church Dungannon Youth is a place to give young people the chance to see that God is real, that He is passionate about them, and that He genuinely wants to be involved in their lives.

All our environments are different and there's something for everyone so find what suits you and we'd love to see you there!


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Tuesday | 3:30-5pm | Free | 4th year+ | The Jar

Love your coffee? Or are you a die hard tea drinker? 
Well we have you covered! Enjoy a pour over after a hard day in school or splash out with our exciting range of teas. 
If you are 4th years plus then join us for a brew

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Where: The Jar | For: 1st - 5th year | When: Friday Nights 7-9pm | Entrance: £2

 Lava is our gathering place for young people from 1st - 5th year! There is something for everyone including and is a great place to chill out with friends, so get inviting! 

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Where: The Jar | For: 1st year + | Thursdays | 7:30-9pm

Pulse is a space for our youth to engage in worship, meet in God’s presence, build community and equip our youth to see the supernatural in the everyday, everywhere, everyone, we even fit in the time for some fun i.e. foot golf.

This is a great place to gather, go and become scattered stewards of the kingdom.

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Where: The Jar | For: 1st - 3rd year | When: Sunday Mornings after worship

Advance is our Sunday morning gathering for young people. We stay in the celebration to worship together before meeting to discuss current issues from a biblical standpoint in a relaxed environment. 

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