Sunday @ the Vineyard

Sunday at the Vineyard is a time for teaching, worship and being challenged toward the mission.  It helps keep us rooted in biblical truth; to live it out and live outward focused lives. Our celebration begins at 11am, with free tea/coffee and snacks afterwards to give you a chance to connect with other people in our community. We don’t make assumptions about what you believe and we want to let you know that we are glad you are here (that’s why we have great coffee). At the Vineyard you’re welcome no matter where you are in life and in your journey with God.

Helpful things to know:

  • We call our Sunday gatherings Celebrations.

  • We serve free tea & coffee with snacks after the celebration each week.

  • We offer a full children's program from 6mths - 3rd year.

  • We use the word ‘worship’ a lot. Many people experience the closeness of God when we sing. Something powerful happens when we bring God into our centre as a community.

  • We have practical talks each week.

  • An offering is collected at our Celebration – a time for those who are part of this community to give to the mission. If you are new let the offering pass you by.



Sunday Celebration @ 11am:

The Storehouse, 4 Church Lane, Dungannon, BT71 6AA

phone: 028 8775 2133

Our office hours are
Mon – Thur, 9am – 5pm