What previous interns have said

My time as an Intern at VCD has given me more than I could dare to hope for. The relationships I have developed with the great team of staff and volunteers are something that I will carry with me long after my internship has finished. My time with VCD has helped me develop as a person. I have grown in confidence through having to risk it all for God when ‘healing on the streets’ or praying for a stranger. The most significant outcome of my internship has by far been the difference in my relationship with God. Before my time with VCD I had a very safe approach to my personal Christianity, but with the challenge to risk being such a strong focus of the internship, my level of faith has risen beyond heights I thought possible.
— Sarah Hinds - Dungannon
My internship at VCD has been one of the most significant experiences in my life. God has opened new doors and glimpses into my life as to who I am and what I am capable of doing. I never thought I would be going into schools and talking to 300 plus youth about Jesus. I find myself immersed into a new culture that I would not have experienced if I had stayed home in the states. I feel blessed for having been part of such a generous and loving community. I see God working here, whether it’s through prayer and healing on the streets or the one on one conversation with the youth, God is moving and creating life here.
— Jake Schultz - Minnesota USA