The Intern Experience runs from the beginning of September to the end of May. 


It is vital that all interns are pursuing a growing relationship with God and that He is first within their lives.


Interns are expected to attend any classes, groups, schools, rooms, small group and church services regularly and punctually.


An internship is not for those who are looking for a place of recovery, classroom learning or for people who are coming out of lifestyle sins. Interns come to serve and grow in missionwhere the focus is outward not inward.

All interested applicants are required to submit the Internship Application along with a cover letter, CV/resume, two references (one should be a work reference from an employer) and a recent photo. Please include a 1-minute video explaining why you want to be an Intern and why you should be chosen.

Applicants interested in Interning in our Worship Department must include 3 videos of themselves leading worship.

A select group of applicants will be chosen for the interview process. After the interview process is complete, applicants will be notified if they have been chosen for the Internship Program.


Interns will seek to “be imitators of God”, with not even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity, ‟ living as children of light” and finding out what pleases the Lord (Ephesians 5:1-12). This standard governs our personal and public life.


Intern opportunities are offered on a 9 month period, from September to May. The weekly routine will vary depending on the Intern’s ministry area and the needs of the specific Intern position. The Internship is a full-time placement composed of these elements:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Reading Assignments.
  • Meeting with a Staff Mentor for accountability, to review areas of responsibility and assist development.
  • Ministry in the community on a weekly basis, risking supernaturally to demonstrate the love and power of Jesus.
  • Participation in a Life Group.
  • All Interns will have a role that requires them to serve at our Sunday celebration.


  • Youth – 11-18 year olds
  • Children – 0-11 year olds
  • Compassion – practically serving our community
  • Worship
  • Celebration and Event Co-ordination
  • Outreach
  • Administration/IT
  • Evangelism