Our interns work alongside our team in the design, delivery and development of ministry within the church and its wider context. As well as hands-on experience, our Interns have weekly teaching, reading assignment and missional opportunities. 

Through a mix of practical and theoretical training you will grow and learn over the course of the nine months (September to the end of May), within the context of a vibrant community. 

We’re searching for the most passionate and gifted people to join in our intern experience.

This is the place for you if you’re interested in bringing people and communities into life, if you want to see God use you in ways you never imagined. Working here is one of the highest privileges you’ll ever experience.

When most people think of an internship, they have visions of busy work-making coffee, posting mail, making copies. Here at Vineyard Church Dungannon, we’re looking for contributing members for our growing team. Oh don’t worry you’ll work hard! After all, bringing life to communities is hard work, but you’ll also get to see the Kingdom of God break out because of your efforts.

It’s a calling. It’s a privilege. And above all, it’s a chance to be empowered. We have no desire to raise up a generation of great coffee makers. We want to raise up a generation of risk takers and leaders. People who are awakened to the God-given potential inside of them.

Does your heart break for the poor and disadvantaged? Our established compassion programme is recognised and partners alongside local government bodies, Dungannon Council and many other agencies and charities in our area.  We bring a positive impact to our local population and are highly esteemed by all. A year serving in this team will change your life.

Is your mantra, “excellence honours God and inspires others?” then we need you to pioneer our Celebrations and Events.

Do you have a passion for leading worship? We need you to create an environment where people connect with Jesus. 

Do you long to see teenagers influencing culture and leading their generation, right now? Well it’s happening here, so come and join the youth team.

Maybe you’re great with kids – we’ve got them, and they need to grow up in the love of God their Father and demonstrate His kingdom.


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