Fee Free Internships

This is a fee free internship although interns are solely responsible for their living costs.

Self financing

Intern Placement is self financing: The Interns will need to work out in advance some form of ongoing financial support to cover their entire living expenses for the year, taking responsibility for meeting their own practical needs. This could be from personal savings or from ongoing support through their local church or small group. There is no remuneration or financial help from Dungannon Vineyard towards fees or living costs.

Living costs

You will be responsible for your rent and all other living expenses. We have tried to estimate a rough guide of monthly living costs for necessities per person here in Northern Ireland. Couples or families intending to come will need to budget accordingly per person as the costs shown below are estimated per person based on shared accommodation. Everything has been priced on a monthly basis and is simply an estimated cost for each expense. (All in GBP – British Pound Sterling)

Estimate of Monthly Costs:

Rent: (Sharing a 4 bedroom house) £150
Utility Bills: £50
Public Transport: £80
Food: £100
Miscellaneous: £20
Total Estimated Monthly Costs -  £400