how it began

We at Vineyard Church Dungannon love our town and we think it is a fantastic place to grow up in and grow old with. But we don’t only think this, we want it to be even better. Therefore, we want to give a day to the town because we believe that we can make Dungannon greater. For a while we were wondering how we could give a day to the town and that led us to a few questions:


What’s in your hands? What are you and the people around you good at and how can this make our town a better place to live in.


What are you passionate about? A community within the town, a dream you wish to see realised or even a hobby that you can use to help. 


How could you give what your good at and passionate about to the town of Dungannon? 


With these questions in mind we are inviting our community to come together for one day to give whatever we have for our town. We are calling this event Give A Day to Dungannon and on Saturday the 10thof June we are going to make it happen. Our goal is to bring hope to those around us, whoever that may be. Bringing our best work to every project so that we benefit individuals, families and whole communities of people. Whether that’s a single person or a full school. We believe that Give a Day to Dungannon has the potential to bring hope to hundreds of lives through practical demonstrations of love and the core belief that things can be better.