Children’s ministry at Vineyard Church Dungannon

What do we want to see?

Our children’s ministry exists to bring children into age appropriate worship where they can belong to the family of God, grow in their relationship with Jesus, learn to serve and share Jesus with the world. We have 3 basic principles from which all aspects of our children’s ministry stems from:

  1. Love God

  2. Love your neighbour

  3. Go make disciples

Check out what's happening this week below...

Baby Vines  0-3yrs Café Area Sign in after worship

Baby Vines 0-3yrs Café Area Sign in after worship

1-3 yrs old Sunday Celebration

Our Sunday morning creche facility for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. Parents can relax safe in the knowledge that their child is being cared for by experienced volunteers and have the use of a huge array of toys and equipment to keep them occupied.

Children must be signed in after announcements in the Babyvines room.

Vineyard Kids nursery to P5 - sign in at theCafé area from 10.50am


Vineyard Kids

Nursery - p5 Sunday Celebration

The perfect combination of structured play alongside age-appropriate worship and teaching, Vineyard Kids is enough to keep any child entertained and happy. Children have a chance to participate in activities designed specifically for their age group as well as learning about God and what that means for them. 

It’s non-stop fun for the morning as we teach our children about the amazing love of God and how that can impact their daily lives. Most importantly we treat them as disciples in training, not disciples in waiting, as we encourage them to hear God’s voice and respond to what He’s doing in their hearts and lives. Our moto is Don’t just learn it…LIVE IT !!!!

Children must be signed in from 10.50 at the sign in desk

P6 - P7 Sunday Celebration  

Join us in the Hallway, straight after worship, for a more chilled atmosphere as we dig deeper into relationship with God, check out bible truth, whilst talking about the issues that affect them everyday, engaging in the Kingdom whilst enjoying some fun and games too!